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Weaves are one of the best ways to add fullness and length to your hair. The history of weaves is very long, especially in the African American community, and it is no wonder they are still widely used. Although there are many types of weaves made by different methods, the most famous ones are sewed in where either small strands of hair are sewed or complete wefts. But every weaving process starts by braiding one¡¯s hair, either simple cornrows or more intricate braids. Because of that, not only do you get amazing volume, but weaves also protect your natural strands and let your hair recuperate which is very important. So that¡¯s definitely another bonus of the weave.
An important thing to keep in mind when hair extensions are sewed in, whether you¡¯re doing it yourself or at a salon, is that the weave should not be too tight. It needs to be secure so that it doesn¡¯t fall out, but if you feel too much tension and strain on your natural hair, it has not been done right.
How to Care for Weave Hair Extensions?
We also recommend that you get Remy hair which is real human hair with all the cuticles aligned in the same direction. That kind of hair will produce the best weave results and the maintenance will be a lot easier. The longevity of the weave will also be much longer, but do keep in mind that you cannot keep your weave forever. As your strands grow out, you need to remove it and reapply it again. It it r strands grow out, you need to remove it and reapply it again. d in teh tural strands and let your hair recuperate whcih s recommended that you give your natural locks a break between the weaves so after you remove it, give your hair some time to relax.
Proper maintenance of your weave is essential if you want it to look perfect and be able to use the extensions multiple times. Here are some tips on what to do and not to do if you have a hair extensions weave.
Using Hot Tools
In general, using curling irons or straighteners every day is not recommended. However, using them every once in a while shouldn¡¯t be a big problem. And there are a couple of things that you can do in order to make it safer. The problem with hot tools is, of course, the heat which can damage extensions and your natural locks over time. The way you can combat that is by using a heat protectant. They are very cheap and you simply need to spray some before curl or straighten your weave.
Weave Brushing
Brushing, one of the essential parts of caring for your weave extensions, is something to do regularly. We recommend that you comb through your weave at least two times a day. Doing so will prevent mink hair extensions from tangling and matting and that¡¯s the real killer of weaves. When you brush, start from the ends and work your way up, being careful not to tug or pull on the weave too much. The keywords here are gentle and careful. If you follow these brushing instructions, your weave will stay incredibly beautiful and glamorous for months.
Weave Washing
As for all extensions, it is recommended that you use very mild shampoos. Anything with too many chemicals in it is not very good for the extensions and should be avoided. A good example of a mild shampoo is a baby shampoo or special ones made specifically for weaves. Also, check that the product you¡¯re using is sulfate free because sulfate is not good for extensions.
When washing your weave, it is important to do it thoroughly, but gently at the same time. You should get shampoo everywhere, especially around your scalp area where the braids are. Scrub lightly in order to make it perfectly greasy-free and clean. Because of the braids and extensions, the scalp area may be hard to reach but if you wait for a couple of moments, the shampoo will get in there. Don¡¯t forget to wash your ends as well. Rinse thoroughly because shampoo residue can have the same effect as dirty hair.
Applying a leave-in conditioner is a must because it nourishes and protects your weave. There are so many to choose from, but all of them do the job well. Apply it only at the bottom part of your weave, avoiding the scalp and leave in about ten minutes. Rinse out thoroughly again.
Weave Drying
When it comes to drying your weave, you probably assume that¡¯s it¡¯s best to leave it to air dry and you would be right. Drying your weave naturally is the best thing you can do, but of course, that takes a lot of time, especially when your locks are so thick and voluminous. Try to plan washing your extensions so that you have a couple of hours for drying, but when you¡¯re on a tight schedule, you¡¯re going to have to use a blow dryer. As we said before, heat is not good for weaves and should be avoided as much as possible. And again, applying a heat protectant can make a big difference. And since you can also change the heat setting on a blow dryer, set it on low.
Dying a Hair Weave
If the weave is made out of real human hair, it can be dyed the same way as real strands. Dying is great if you need to the extensions to blend better or if you simply want to change your look. But as you know with your natural locks, too much dying or bleaching can dry out and damage hair. The same goes for a weave so don¡¯t overdo it.

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Hair Extensions!!

Extensions which grew to become very popular among women just about ten years ago hasn't unsuccessful to get that promotion. These are merely inclusion of extra hair for a number of reasons which solve problems like hair loss and thinning of hair. Some love extensions simply because they make their head of hair thicker and provide full volume.
Extensions could be built-into your original hair extensions using numerous techniques. Including methods like sewing, tying and braiding, gluing and weaving. Additionally for this increasingly more innovative techniques are now being attempted and implemented in salons. If you are planning for quite different look you should think about testing out Black extensions. This specific type is extremely well-liked by women and men because it may be worn in various styles. It's easily available as wigs, single braid and clip in extensions. Black hair expansions can be purchased both online or perhaps in a beauty salon and something can pick between synthetic and human curl additions. Synthetic is a touch cheaper but when compared to real ones. Since real hair additions come from real contributors, it is the best. Synthetic extensions end up being a great deal cheaper but taking proper care of it's really a big headache.
Who does not love curly hair? Some women are fortunate with naturally curly tresses. With curly real hair expansions on the market, girls that lengthy for curly tresses could possibly get it integrated using their real curl very quickly. With clip in extensions all one must do is clip it in which you need it. One must carefully divide your hair prior to doing that since if it's situated in the incorrect place, it'll look just a little awkward or worse it might just appear whenever you brush hair. You may also attempt to add highlights or low lights for any more stylish and cooler look.
Hair expansions that is included with a connecting agent applied at one tip is quite common. Stick type expansions belong for the reason that category. The only real web site stick type along with a normal type expansion is the actual way it is mounted on hair.When you are getting your extensions integrated inside a salon hair stylist will attach the glued tip from the hair for your natural hair having a heat connector clamp which may be like a set iron, but thinner. Micro loops and rings will also be accustomed to attach the extensions for your real human hair. The glue which is often used may be the keratin glue regarded as the safest. When you wish a brand new style and take away the present extensions, it is possible utilizing a keratin remover.

Rose Gold Rings!!

Rose Gold Engagement Rings could be greater than other things to exhibit your ex towards your intended engagement partner. And also to make special day more memorable, you may be advised by anybody to reduce the eco-friendly jewel "Emerald" for the one you love. Yes, that's your opportunity as well as in today of monetary behavior, you may make your intended one more happy when you are economic. How's that? Any guess. Yes. Emerald is economical in addition to best and many intended jewellery after diamonds. Look how economic you're.
Within this situation, you'll showcase your ex with full emblem of personality to deal track of time making your intended happy. Look one bullet and three victims, positively. Positive point is the fact that Emerald Gold Ring is really a breathtaking ornament appropriate holiday to a occasions. Most fashionistas recognize it as being an excellent bit of jewellery that matches towards the most design and individuals. This can be exactly why probably the most man buys Emerald Gold Ring for his or her sweethearts.
So before you purchase you have to look at the whole ring, is not it? You are able to bring your personal evaluation for your benefit but here are a few of these for the information:
Emerald Engagement rings Rose Gold are counterfeited. So bear in mind. Cost of the emerald is dependant on its size, weight, color and internal flaws from the jewel. You'll need karat scale to determine the load and jeweler's loupe to determine the interior flaws.
Since ring consists of gold, you cannot just state that yellow factor is gold. You have to gold test package to ensure. Wholesomeness of gold is measured in karat. Greater the karat, more pure may be the gold. Make use of your mind there.
Always compare the load from the gold to that particular day's cost. Cost of gold changes every single day and you don't want to pay for that old cost.
Search for your moissanite bridal sets. Should there be other gemstones embedded, verify it's natural.Now, thank me. I've said something. Rejoice and romanticize your time and effort together with your girl using the touch of Emerald within the gold.

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Hola Chiquininos, en la entrada de hoy os traigo 5 tipos de cortinas para decorar, son de la web HighendCurtai de esta sección  Damask Curtains.

Esta son las 5 ideas que he elegido:


Qué os parecen? Cuál os gusta más? Mi elección preferida es la 5. 

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